Cat Adoption

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Every cat is unique, and here at Homeward Bound, you’ll meet everything from larger-than-life personalities to the shyest and meekest of felines. Here, they all live a life of dignity, receiving the medical care, food, attention and love they need to heal from a hard life’s journey and prepare for permanent homes.

Application Process

See a cat or kitten you would love to add to your home? Download the application and fill it out to bring with you and we will be happy to assist you with the adoption. Please note: Emailed Applications are NOT an approved adoption. Adoptions are approved in person ONLY. Applications are required for information only. 

Please Print your application and bring it with you to the shelter. We have applications available at the shelter

Adoption Fees

Feline 6 Months and older $40.00

Feline Kittens 5 Months and younger $50.00

All cats MUST leave the shelter in a pet carrier. If you have your own, please bring it with you. We sell cardboard pet carriers at the shelter for $5.00


Mega Meows!!! for your support 

Application for Adoption

Our cats available for adoption are considered indoor cats and will not thrive living outside.  On occassion we may have a cat that would prefer to be an independent barn cat with good shelter and food available.  We will advertise those cats as needed.

Pet comp. form (pdf)


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Kitten Playtime

A little bit of fun while they wait to be adopted