We need extra help

Help Me

Puss Puss is an older gal. She needs a home that is quiet and gets to lay where she wants to

I enjoy being lazy and eat canned food. I have an old leg injury prior to coming to the shelter. I will need a home where I am not around dogs as the leg injury was caused from a dog attack. I would like a nice quiet home where I can play and lay around where ever I want to. I am available on the senior to senior program. 

Cinders needs a special home


Cinders came to the shelter as a stray and was very thin, infested with fleas, ear mites and worms. After receiving proper care and love, he was on the road to recovery until we noticed the weight gain and hair loss. It was determined by his Vet that he is Diabetic. He will need proper feeding and medications for his diabetes. He is a loving cat that gets along with other cats and small dogs. Please help Cinders live a happy comfortable life.   

Franki Needs Love


I have an eye injury prior to coming to the shelter. I can see mostly. In the future, I may need visits to the Vet for eye drops. I will need a home where my human will ensure that I get the medical attention I need for my eye. I am available for the senior to senior program