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Needs list

See our shelter needs list and wish list on Amazon.

High Demand
Bleach, HE Laundry Detergent, and blankets. 

Items that are always in need at the shelter:

*Cat /Kitten Food - Canned (wet)/Dry
*Dog/Puppy Food - Canned (wet)/Dry
*HE Laundry Detergent
*Garbage bags (kitchen size)
***Bleach (shelter uses a large bottle a day)
*Pet Safe Ice-Melt
*Dish Soap
*Hand sanitizer
*Disinfectant wipes
*Newspapers (for lining cat cages)
*Paper Towels
*Toys for dogs and cats
*Brand Name Flea Meds (K9 Advantix, Advantage, Advantage Multi)
*Animal carriers and crates
*Shelving for storage
*Tools for yard maintenance - rakes, shovels, working gloves, etc. 
*Gas Cards for transporting shelter animals
*Baked goods for events-

Ask shelter staff for more information

Your purchases here at will support Manistee County Humane Society

Your purchases here at will support Manistee County Humane Society

Some items on High Demand



Did you know the shelter uses a bottle of bleach every day. It is used to  spray out kennels to disinfect, laundry and cat cages. Bleach is one of the most high demand items needed at the shelter 

HE Laundry Detergent


We do 15 + loads of laundry daily so the animals have clean blankets. We wash towels, blankets , wash cloths and more daily

Cat Litter


Did you know that the shelters cat population is always 75 cats and over. We use a lot of cat litter. 

Paper Towel


Paper Towel is used daily for many reasons. From clean up to visitors, volunteers and employees drying our hands. 

Kitten Chow


Kitten chow is a high demand during spring through late summer. Our kitten population always is over 100 kittens per season.  



Blankets are always needed. Our animals have blankets in their beds. The dogs enjoy laying on a blanket and so do the cats. We want them to have something comfortable to lay on. We will also take used blankets. They animals do not care if they are used.